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Our Vision and Background . .
Our Mission
“We provide caring and comprehensive moving assistance when life changes call for relocation”.
Brenny Watt, President

She received her MBA from Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business in the late 1980’s, and started on her path as an entrepreneur by partnering with a designer to open a retail and interior design store in Winter Park, Florida. There Brenny learned the art of accessorizing to make a home feel welcoming. Her store was featured in Victoria Magazine, a national publication.

Her second entrepreneurial venture began in 1996, when she formed a management training and consulting company. For eight years, Brenny and her partner trained hundred’s of individuals in change management, communication, teamwork, diversity, and emotional awareness. This background prepared her for carefully managing the difficult emotional issues of making a later-life move.

The idea for a senior move management business came from an experience with her family. It was a 2003 visit from her mother that gave her the idea for moving services. Brenny had just moved into a new home and understood the logistical and emotional difficulties of sorting through possessions and then reorganizing a new home. As her mother looked around the attractively settled rooms, she asked if Brenny could help her move, too. Brenny agreed and after seeing the overwhelming challenges her mother faced, Brenny realized there must be many seniors who need help and don’t know where to turn.

Elder Move Managers was born and Brenny has found a way to use both her enthusiasm for working with people and her keen sense of planning and home organization to help others feel at home again.