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A senior move manager is not a traditional moving company. A senior move manager offers a much broader level of service. It’s more than packing and unpacking; it’s planning and organizing the new living space to make it a true home. And the service is not just the physical move; it’s also calming the emotional roller coaster the senior faces.
The move process starts with a floor plan to ensure that the furniture will fit and have a specific location in the new home. We measure the interior walls of the new place, and take photographs of each room, including the closets, kitchen cupboards, and bathroom storage areas. Using this information, we work with the client to help them take just the right amount of furniture, art work, lamps, and decorative items. Furniture templates are used to show the client how the new home will look.
Once the floor plan is finished, the real work begins. Seniors are most concerned with the furniture, but the hard work is all the other “stuff.” This downsizing phase usually means getting rid of things we accumulate, but don’t really use anymore. We sort items into “keep, give away (or sell), and discard” piles. Downsizing personal items is difficult for seniors, and we can help them by listening to their concerns and ensuring them this is typical of everyone who moves.
When the sorting process is done, we pre-pack a portion of the household items so we are ready for the moving company. On move day while the movers load the truck, we continue to pack the remaining last minute items – typically kitchen and bathroom items, lamps, and art work.
At the new location, the two crews work simultaneously to create the new home. While the movers are unloading, we oversee the furniture placement and unpack all of the boxes. We organize the items into the new living space, and make the beds, set the clocks, hook up the lamps and electronics, hang the pictures and put on the finishing touches to make your new home feel comfortable – all by the end of the day. People often say, “It’s a miracle. I can’t believe you’ve done all of this so fast.”
This comprehensive service is helpful to seniors whose families live near and far. With hundreds of moves of experience ElderMove Managers provides helpful suggestions and tactics to make the move successful, smooth, and something the whole family can “look forward to.”