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What our clients say:

“After my wife passed away, the biggest factor in getting started to make this move was that I had lived in my house for over forty years, and I felt everything in the house was hers. I had mixed emotions about leaving. I felt okay about giving things to my family or selling them. Once I had made up my mind to move, I had to go through with it. But I don’t know how I could have managed without you. I have a son and a daughter, and they offered to help me, but they just couldn’t do it. They didn’t have time. You walked in and told me you would take care of it all. I could just leave it to you. And so I did. When I walked into this new place and saw what you had done, it felt just like home.”


– Senior client

“You made a difference for me, the son, by being an outside influence that provided guidance. People will listen to an outside resource. You helped my dad avoid going down the wrong path. And over all, you were interested in helping the entire family.”


– Family member

“The real benefit I saw was at the point of moving in; everything was put away and in place. Living here now, I realize that a lady down the hall waited for her furniture for a full week, and then she had to unpack all the boxes by herself.”


– Senior client

“I can’t tell you how much help you were. I was dreading another move for my step-mother and I didn’t know how I was going to do it alone. Everything went so smoothly and it was fun working with you. I was so impressed with the way you put everything away in the right places, and you hung the pictures, too. You have a wonderful service. When I told my daughter she said ‘I would pay anything for someone to do that for me.’ And after the move, when I ran into you, I felt like I was greeting my family.”


– Family member

“I didn’t know how to move. It had been 24 years since I’d moved, and I didn’t know where to start. The community relations director told me she knew this company that could help me. And it was a blessing for me because it helped so much. Like what do I do? You gave me step one, step two, until we were ready. On the day we moved in, it was amazing to see what you had done. When we first came up there were boxes everywhere. And when we came back, it was all ready to live in. Oh, that was so wonderful looking around at everything.”

– Senior client


July 28, 2006

To whom it may concern;

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Mary Watt. She assisted me in helping move my mother from her apartment in Cocoa Beach, Florida to an independent living facility in nearby Melbourne.

I came in contact with ‘Brenny’ through a casual referral. Living over 1,000 miles away in a suburb of Boston MA, I needed to find a responsible move coordinator to help with the logistics. Little did I know how fortunate I had become.

Brenny brought immediate order and calm to a very emotional and difficult time in my mom’s life. My mother immediately ‘took to her’ as Brenny slowly and calmly spent endless hours explaining what furniture would fit into her new apartment, what home goods she could shed, and generally act as a transitional ‘ambassador’ for the next chapter in my mother’s life. Brenny assured my mom with her easy going, self-assured manner that she would do just fine and she would be with her the whole way.

Ms. Watt is a true professional that offers a much needed service – helping the elderly with the endless nuances associated with the move process. Although I was able to fly to Florida for the actual move out/move in, I can honestly tell you that had it not been for Ms. Watt and her staff, my mother’s move would not have been as smooth as it was and I would have had to take at least two weeks off from work – time I could not afford to take.

During my time working directly with Brenny, it was obvious that her passion for her company and what she does went beyond simple sales goals. She has a deep rooted, heart felt desire to make sure all of her clients are comfortable, happy and in the best possible frame of mind before she leaves them. An example of this was what Brenny did after my mom’s move. I was happily surprised (well for Brenny, not that surprised) to find out that she returned to my mom’s independent living facility five days AFTER the move to check in on her and to hang various pieces of artwork on her wall. This is a perfect example of what Brenny’s clients mean to her.

Ms. Watt has my unqualified personal and professional endorsement for membership in your association and has my deepest personal respect. She is a person that most people should aspire to become.

Recently my mother moved from a condo to a retirement home. Brenny Watt of Elder Move Managers brought in a crew a couple weeks before the move to sort things. On moving day the crew packed everything, took it to the new place, unpacked boxes, hung pictures on the wall and even made her bed. It was the best service I have ever received from a business.