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Each move is unique depending on the size of the former home as well as the new home.
  • Average move management fees range from
    • $500 (studio apartments)
    • $1,200 (one bedroom apartments)
    • $2,400 (2 bedroom apartments or villas)
  • The total cost of your move will vary by factors such as
    • the amount of household goods you have to sort and dispose of
    • the total amount of household goods you have to pack, move and unpack
    • use of an elevator
    • the “carry” distance to the new apartment
    • rain on moving day
Quality and Efficiency
Because each move is unique, we charge by the hour. We keep a calendar log of work sessions and the hours spent with you. We work quickly and strategically to minimize the time spent on each task.
Elder Move Managers is an insured company and we partner with reputable professionals when outside help is needed.
We want to minimize stress during a typically stressful time. We can do all or part of the move. Your needs will dictate our services.
We have experience in all aspects of the physical and emotional transition. We assure total confidentiality for your family, and we work with you as a trusted friend.
Personalized Services
We will give you an estimate of the cost of your move. Every move is unique, and hours on the job will vary depending on the size of your former home, the years of accumulations, and availability of other family members to help.